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"Discovering each building's 'secret signature' is both challenging and satisfying. I've always been fascinated by exploring and finding ways to make machines and systems work at maximum proficiency."


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At JVA we believe the best designs have the fewest moving parts.  What we do is bring life and comfort into amazing structures. We work hard to discover the central path, the right direction, and follow it, meeting 'problems' as they present themselves, studying alternate solutions until all possibilities have been thoroughly vetted, and the best one finally emerges. By following this strategy, we've always been able to find the right engineering solution for each design challenge. It's what we do: solve problems.


JVA Mechanical Engineering

Jim Van De Vanter has constructed, installed, maintained and repaired HVAC and plumbing, process piping, and water systems since 1977.

Jim entered the industry at the age of 18 in San Luis Obispo County, California. Jim was accepted at Cal Poly into one of the premier engineering programs in the United States, whose graduates are prized by leading firms in industry and business, and by university research and development centers. At Cal Poly, Jim dedicated himself solely to mechanical engineering.

Jim worked his way through school by installing, maintaining and repairing HVAC, plumbing and process piping systems in San Luis Obispo County and beyond. During all stages of his professional career – even as a 12-year-old repairing motorcycles – Jim has followed Cal Poly's well-known and time-proven educational credo, 'Learn by Doing.'

After graduation, Jim re-engineered the HVAC systems for an existing, long-term-care nursing facility. His hard work paid off by transforming a dilapidated, unhealthy and depressing building into a sanitary, dignified and comfortable environment. Patients and health-care workers now had a clean, hygienic and pleasant interior space.  When Jim's work was completed his future career had been solidified with the project's success and the immediate improvement in quality of life that his designs had provided the residents and staff.

Cal Poly Engineering building 2016

Jim has personally worked on most of San Luis Obispo County's most notable and admired buildings, first as a technician and troubleshooter, then as a licensed engineer, and later as the principal and senior engineer at his own firm, James L. Van De Vanter, P.E. & Associates.

JVA was established in 2000 and continues today to provide exceptional service to firms serving the Western United States.

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