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Welcome to JVA

5With a reputation for precision, and a passion for details and problem-solving, the JVA team engineers exacting and efficient HVAC solutions in collaboration with inspired and enlightened professionals – other engineers, architects, developers, and builders – in California and throughout the Western United States.

At JVA we value working with creative and energetic colleagues to complete excellent work swiftly, safely, economically and honestly, meeting all design and code specifications and the exact practical requirements and aesthetic vision of the client. We seek out projects with committed professionals, and welcome their expertise, whether in planning sessions at the office, at the construction site, or at industry trade conferences.


ventilation_imageSince 1995 we have specialized in HVAC, plumbing, and process piping system engineering and design for new and existing buildings, ensuring comfortable and hygienic working and living environments. JVA always provides the best solutions for sustainable high air quality, with optimum energy efficiency and dependable, state-of-the-art air and water system designs and technologies.

Mechanical Engineering

At JVA we are focused exclusively on refining building mechanical systems, creating energy efficiency, and improving indoor air quality and sustainability within the building industry to construct innovative buildings that deliver more comfort and health for those who work and live in them.


6We begin each new project with a careful overview, creating a 'macro-vision' of the assignment, its major specifications and parameters:

  • What needs to be done?
  • What does the client require?
  • What are the resources?
  • What are the limitations?

We then switch to 'micro-vision,' working through the detailed requirements for an integrated, unified engineered design, until we reach the best, most practical and economical solution.

At JVA we know that most engineers can solve almost any problem if a budget is unlimited but achieving an engineering success with limited financial resources and under a tight deadline, is 'inspired brilliance.' At JVA, we strive for inspired brilliance to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


"Jim Van De Vanter is one of the best engineers I know. Too many engineers nowadays do not even visit the site or the building that they will be analyzing and designing for. Instead, they just sit in front of their computers and quickly turn out CAD renderings. Thankfully, this is not how Jim Van De Vanter works. I know that he has dirtied his hands, worked in the field – on roofs, in basements – and having done this, he knows what real-world conditions and constraints are and how to overcome them. Working with Jim and J V A is always headache free." — Morris Sabhani, Sabhani Engineering Lompoc CA

"Jim and the team at J V A always get straight to the point and do not generate superfluous information. Jim Van De Vanter knows how to solve problems, create opportunities that others may have missed, and can work in the field with the best of them." — Vladimir Milosovic, Milosevic Architects Pismo Beach CA

"My working relationship with Jim Van De Vanter and his team at J V A has been one of the easiest and most important in my career." — Michael Dunn, Dunn Brand San Luis Obispo CA

"I've known Jim Van De Vanter for over thirty years.  We have worked together since the early 1980's while in the field either trouble shooting a customer's problem or preparing to construct a project together for the benefit of one of our mutual customers.  Jim has always demonstrated a sincere desire to do the right thing for his clients be it construction, service, or engineering.  Jim's practical field experience helps him to envision and anticipate the challenges of installing mechanical systems in today's complex structures.  He brings that practical approach to his design and engineering applications and solutions.  Jim is genuinely concerned about meeting his customer's goals relative to the project being designed and providing a cost effective solution in the process.  His background in mechanical service also keeps him grounded in specifying systems that can be easily serviced and maintained for the end user.  He is familiar with both plumbing and mechanical products for his applications from built up systems to package and split systems.   Jim is a good team member and consultant on all of the projects we have had the privilege of working together on.  We have worked on numerous projects over the years together with very successful outcomes.  We enjoy working with Jim's office whenever the opportunity presents itself. " - William A. Thoma, P.E., President, Thoma Electric, San Luis Obispo, CA

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